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Useful informations to live Bologna safely

(Last edited on January 5th 2022)


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All around Italy it is compulsory to wear a mask indoors and outdoors.  

It’s mandatory wearing masks FFP2 in movie theatres, theatres, opera houses, stadiums, sports arenas and public transportation including buses and trains. 


The Vaccination Certificate (Super Green Pass) indicates vaccination or recovery from Covid-19. It’s not issued following a negative PCR test or antigenic test like a regular Covid Certificate.


The Covid Certificate (Green Pass) indicates vaccination, recovery from Covid-19, negative PCR test or antigenic test (within 48h).

The certifications do not apply to children under the age of 12.

Hotels and Other Accommodations

In hotels and their restoration areas it’s necessary to show Vaccination Certificate and wear facial mask.


Restaurants and Bars

Both to be served at the counter and to be seated the Vaccination Certificate and facial masks will be required. Catering is allowed with home delivery and take-away.

Shops and Markets (Plus Commercial Activities)

In all shops, markets and shopping centres you are expected to wear a face mask and show Covid Certificate.


In local transportations and long-distance transports (planes, ships, trains) you will need a Vaccination Certificate and wear a FFP2 Mask

You can rent cars and bikes, but book in advance, so the vehicles will always be sanitized before being delivered to you.

Museums and Exhibitions

The Vaccination Certificate is necessary in order to access the museums and exhibitions; it’s also mandatory wear a face mask.


Sport & Wellness

In parks, garden, swimming pools, spas, gyms, theme parks and ski facilities the Vaccination Certificate will be required. Wherever is possible, don’t forget facial mask!


Fairs, conventions and events

In fairs, conventions and congresses the Vaccination Certificate and FFP2 face mask will be required.

Religious Sights
Religious sights are open with no limitation.

Guided Tours and attractions

Guided tours regularly continue with limited participants and in compliance with anti-Covid measures.

Please verify with the tour/attraction organization if the Vaccination Certificate is required. Facial mask is mandatory indoors and outdoors.


-> For Bologna Welcome tours and services the Vaccination Certificate and face mask are required for indoor visits. If not presented, no access will be allowed and no refund will be issued.

For further information and requests please email


Cultural and Leisure Activities

In cinemas and theatres the FFP2 mask and Vaccination Certificate is required. 

Clubs are closed. 


Tourist Offices

Tourist offices Bologna Welcome and eXtraBo are open Mon-Sat 9am-7pm, Sun and Holidays 10am-5pm.

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