BOforAll – Accessible cultural heritage in Bologna

You can now discover Bologna’s old town through different inclusive paths illustrated by the app BOforAll. Special paper guides of the University District are also available at Bologna Welcome. The project stems from an itinerary originally conceived in the framework of the initiative #ROCKBologna, promoted by the Municipality and the University for the redevelopment of the University District through special means and activities aimed at rediscovering, sharing and transforming the city’s spaces while enhancing the accessibility of the university’s cultural heritage.

U-Lab, the Laboratory of participatory practices of the Project ROCK (Regeneration and Optimization of Cultural heritage in Knowledge and creative cities), coordinated by Fondazione per l’Innovazione Urbana, launched the project U-Area for all in 2019, a service of inclusive guided tours in the University District, with the final objective of making the university cultural heritage accessible to all those who wish to know more about it or who simply attend lectures daily.

Such innovative initiative is intended for all visitors, citizens, students and disabled people with specific needs, who can now fully experience and enjoy the university district, thanks to an ambitious challenge that resulted in the creation of new, inclusive and multisensorial ways of exploring the university district, one of the world’s most valuable cultural and artistic heritages.

The project consists of a co-planning process aimed at creating and experimenting a network of inclusive visits within the University District in order to enhance the accessibility of the University’s cultural heritage, in the framework of the European Project ROCK and the 2020 Horizon Programme for Research and Innovation.

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The U-area between history and art

This path will introduce you to the city’s history, art and religion along via Zamboni

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zona U, collezione mineralogica Bombicci

The U-area between science and environment

A journey through the university’s scientific side along via Zamboni and via Irnerio.

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