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Zinelli casa

Via Caprarie, 7 - 40124 Bologna (BO)

Phone +39 051 223357

Fax +39 051-233707

Reference maps: D-4

Date of last update: 30/08/2018, 15:30

At the end of the road, overlooking Mercanzia, there is a sequence of large windows with frames made of terracotta. This company is owned by the Zinelli family and has two stores, one of household linens and one of dressmaking fabrics. Since 1937, this store has had wooden benches and massive shelves where colorful fabrics are displayed.

by bus: lines and timetables on the website www.tper.it
by car: located in restricted traffic zone ZTL. Ring road exits  n. 11/11bis-12 direction city center.