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Macelleria Zivieri Massimo Srl

Piazza XXIV Maggio, 9/c - 40036 Monzuno (BO)

Phone +39 051 6771533

Date of last update: 30/08/2018, 15:30

The history of the Butcher “Zivieri Massimo” in Monzuno begins in 1987 when Massimo, seventeen, opens with his father Graziano and his brother Fabrizio the shop in the village square and immediately decides to choose the path of quality. It is precisely in this lovely shop in the heart of a small village on the Tuscan-Emiliano Appennine that Massimo reaches incredible results in his field: in 2001 he joins “La Granda Consortium” of Fossano (CN), Slow Food Presidia for the Piedmontese cattle breed.

Massimo confirms once again his attention for the culture of quality and livestock tradition when he decides to start a small breeding of  “Cinta Senese” and “Mora Romagnola” pigs raised in the half wild.

Here they grow in a reserved area  where the animals are free to root around the woods of downy oaks and wild chestnuts, to puddle in ponds created specifically for them and they can feed on the roots and tubers of the plants that grow on these still pristine slopes. They thus develop their typical fat, well known to gourmets.

We also offer meats of chicken bred only on the ground and in a natural way and the game ones, coming from the necessary selection hunt on the Bolognese Appennine according to food chains followed directly by the butcher Zivieri (wild pork, roe, fallow and  red deers, hare, pheasant and mallard).

Since 2014, in the appealing location of the "Mercato di Mezzo" inside the historical city centre of Bologna, we have opened the space "RoManzo" a place where you can buy and taste our meats and salumi of the Zivieri Butcher also already cooked. 

Tuesady, Wednesday, Sunday 7.30am-12.30am

Friday and Saturday 7.30am-12.30pm; 4pm-7pm

Closed on Mondays