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Stadio Renato Dall'Ara

Via Andrea Costa, 174 - 40134 Bologna (BO)

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Stadio Dall'Ara, originally known as “Littoriale”, opened on 29 May 1927. It is the first Italian stadium to be raised for public initiative. It was designed as a sports centre including a six-lane running track, two swimming pools and four tennis courts, thus being considered as a kind of sports “cittadella” (a little city). The stadium was built in the suburbs (this area would expand gradually, thus becoming a residential area) and even recalling the roman empire buildings, it was not as majestic as other fascist structures.  
King Vittorio Emanuele III was the first to arrive and see the opening of the stadium. Later, Mussolini came on 31 October 1926 on a white horse: a statue, that will remain on the apse from 1927 to 1943, would be dedicated to him. Some initial characteristics of the building are: 50.100 seats (it would be enlarged to host the 1990 FIFA World up thus including 38.279 seats more), the typical red bricks for the walls, arched windows, the link to the Portico di San Luca (the longest portico in the world, that leads to the Sanctuary of the Madonna of San Luca) and the Maratona Tower. On 29 May 1927 the first official match took place: 55.000 people attended it thus achieving a great record for the 20s.

After the end of the Fascist regime, the “Littoriale” became to be known as “Comunale” and was finally named after Renato Dall'Ara in 1983. Renato Dall'Ara had been the Bologna Football Club President for thirty years, from 1934 to 1964, when he died extacly before its team won the seventh and last national championship.

In 1990s apart from being enlarged, the stadium was also modified: new emergency exits and a new covering for the stand were built, the lighting system and the electronic scoreboard were restyled.
On 10 May 2009 the stands hosting Bologna supporters were named after Giacomo Bulgarelli, a historical Bologna football player who had died three months before.
At present, the stadium also hosts several concerts.