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Palazzo dello Sport Giuseppe Dozza

Piazza Manfredi Azzarita, 8 - 40122 Bologna (BO)

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Date of last update: 20/03/2019, 09:14

The history:

The Palazzetto dello sport (Sports Centre) was built in 1956 in reply to an urgent request by basketball and boxing fans since the sport facility in the Sala Borsa building had become too small with its 1050 seats. Mayor Giuseppe Dozza - whom the centre was named after in 1996 - actually ordered its construction. It can now seat 5570 people after a great deal of restructuring work. 

It was inaugurated on 12th September 1956 by the international basketball match between Italy and Poland, which ended 70-54. It has become the house of basketball with Virtus, Fortitudo and much more ever since: volleyball with Virtus Lubia Minganti and Zinella, boxing, hockey, tennis, skating, gymnastics and fencing with European and global events.

Music and various performances followed with the first night of the Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix as well as other international artists such as Elton John, Deep Purple and Pavarotti.

In 2018, further renovation work began in PalaDozza: not only sports and music events but also meetings and conventions further liven up the large Arena in the city centre. It will also become the home of a new important Basketball Museum.

Furthermore, the facility now features a new parquet flooring to host basketball games, sports and cultural events which covers the entire floor so that all kinds of sports events can also take place on an international level.

Technical information

Disciplines:    Basketball
Size:     28.00 x 15.00 m
Flooring characteristics:  parquet
Stand seats:   5700
Changing rooms: 6
Showers:   36
Accessible to disabled athletes:  yes
Accessible to disabled spectators:  yes

The new video cube

The new video cube

There is a new entry at PalaDozza: an ultra-light and octagonal structure that will allow you to reproduce 360° images with only an imperceptible discontinuity among the various faces. It is the new cube. The installation of the new support is part of the broader renovation and restyling plan of the building and its spaces, including the construction of a forthcoming Basket Museum.