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Terme San Luca - Pluricenter

Via Agucchi, 4/2 - 40133 Bologna (BO)

Phone +39 051 382564

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The Terme San Luca – Pluricenter spa centre is located on the outskirts of Bologna to the west, a few kilometres from the Marconi international airport, at the crossroads with Via Emilia Ponente.

The Terme San Luca spa centre uses water from the Alexander 2 spring, following authorisation from the Italian Ministry for Health, decree n° 3971 dated 21-07-2010. 

The dimension of wellbeing

The dimension of wellbeing

In line with Bologna's spa tradition, which began over two thousand years ago with Emperor Augustus, today's Terme San Luca – Pluricenter spa centre is a large-scale centre dedicated to fitness and getting back into shape. 

The centre, under the name of Pluricenter, was already a temple to fitness back in the 1980s and since the spa pools have been added it's grown to become an ideal location for spa wellbeing thanks to the integrated opportunities. The sulphate-bicarbonate-calcium water, enriched by 18 trace elements, which comes from the same underground source as the Terme Felsinee centre, makes the Terme San Luca spa centre a pleasant and varied place with plenty to discover.

The Terme San Luca - Pluricenter spa centre is approved by the national health service with the highest level of classification (level 1 super). 

The centre is on Via Agucchi, at the corner with Via Emilia Ponente and it's easily reached from the city and from the Bologna Casalecchio motorway exit.

Internal car park: € 1/hour (“Rosa” parking: from 7pm free for women with a subscription for up to 3 hours per day)

The "ex Panigal" car park in Via Emilia Ponente (1 minute walk away): € 1/hour - first 3 hours free for those with a subscription.

From the Bologna central railway station: take the BLQ bus towards the airport, or take one of the other regular buses (see below) from Piazza XX Settembre to Pontelungo.

Bus numbers 13, 79, 81, 86, 87, 91, 95, BLQ: Pontelungo stop, a few metres from the centre.

Spa, gym and clinic:
Monday to Friday 9am - midnight (reception and gym open at 8am)
Saturday 9am - 8.30pm
Saturday evening spa only 9pm - 1am 
Sundays & holidays 10am - 8.30pm (gym closes 7.30pm)

The pools and gym must be vacated 30 minutes before closing time.

Special opening hours for holidays

The spa and gym follow Sunday opening times (10am - 8.30pm): 6th January, Easter & Easter Monday, 25th April, 1st May, 2nd June, 1st November, 8th December

Closed all day: 24th, 25th & 26th December, 1st January

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