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Terme Felsinee

Spa Centre

Via di Vagno, 7 - 40133 Bologna (BO)

Phone +39 051 6198484

Fax +39 051 563950

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The Terme Felsinee spa centre, called after the original name of the city, is located at the foot of hill dominated by the San Luca basilica, where the Reno river enters the city after passing through the Chiusa di Casalecchio lock. At the edge of the city, a perfect combination of nature and wellbeing. 

A wealth of courses for all

A wealth of courses for all

The Terme Felsinee, inaugurated in 1992, was the first spa centre in recent times to bring the spa tradition - which was begun by the Emperor Augustus and continued through the following centuries - back to Bologna. 

The Terme Felsinee is a large-scale fitness and spa treatment centre. The Ministry for Health has approved two springs here: Alexander (sulphate-bicarbonate-calcium thermal water) and San Luca (sulphuric thermal water), which are used for the spa pool. There are courses in the water for all requirements, inhalations and respiratory treatments and spa wellness treatments and packages. The centre also boasts a gym and an approved clinic.

The Terme Felsinee spa centre is approved by the national health service with the highest level of classification (level 1 super). 

Leave the tangenziale ring road at exit 1 towards Bologna, carry on to the Zona Barca exit and follow the signs. There is parking at the spa centre.

- From Bologna railway station: bus 21 (Filanda stop) & bus 14 (Barca stop)
- From central Bologna: bus 14 (Barca stop)
- From Borgo Panigale: bus 13 (Ugo Bassi stop) & bus 14 (Barca stop)
- From Casalecchio: bus 2 (funivia stop) & bus 14 (Barca stop)
- From San Lazzaro: bus 19 (Rizzoli stop) & bus 14 (Barca stop)

Monday to Friday 8am - 11pm
Saturday 8am - 7pm
Sundays only happy family 3pm – 7pm

The pools and gym must be vacated 30 minutes prior to closing time

Respiratory section:
Monday to Friday 8am – 12.30pm; 3pm - 7pm
Saturday 8am - 1pm

Closure: 6th January, Easter & Easter Monday, 25th April, 2nd June, 8th December, from 24th December to 2nd January

Three spa pools with aquagym, aquafitness and aquawellness courses; vascular paths; crenotherapy; thermal-therapeutic sauna; thermal hammam; jet spa; respiratory department; gym.