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One of the great strengths is certainly the Italian love of food, but not only loves good food, as in all places in the world: the Italian also loves to prepare it.
And that 'love for culture. The cooking Chicchibio and 'an emotional journey.  

Through  packages / lesson traveling with the star chefs of Emilia Romagna, you want to teach this culture of nutrition at high levels. Extraordinary teachers / chef, who will disseminate information on technical excellence but also on the culinary heritage that the territory Emilia - Romagna has amassed over the years.
Chicchibio is open to all those who, as lovers of food, cooking and just fans, will want to attend classes accompanied by the greatest Italian chefs starting from our region: the 'Emilia Romagna. Of fact, we talk about cooking together, learning from an Italian high school, side by side with the chef who bear the name of the Italian food around the world. A heritage that is becoming increasingly important in our country and abroad, as shown by the Expo 2015 which will have the sole theme of power. An opportunity for a unique experience made of training, of course, but also strong emotions ... Even for foreigners.
From the title, in fact, who does not remember the story of Giovanni Boccaccio, which tells of Chicchibio, the cook of M. Conrad, who cooked while the crane, offering a thigh to his beloved .. We chose some of the most representative of starry 'Emilia Romagna selected from those who best exploit the products of their territory. The purpose of this review and 'emphasize and enhance the excellence of food and wine heritage that the region Emilia - Romagna has amassed over the years.

courses are held once a month but also by appointment