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Agriturismo San Giuliano - Pasta course - Italian cooking class

Via Galletta, 3 - 40068 San Lazzaro di Savena (BO)

Phone 0516251141

Date of last update: 19/03/2019, 16:29

The courses take place in the welcome room of the restaurant. Each participant has their own work station and everything necessary to create the perfect hand-rolled pasta dough. The different types of pasta include tagliatelle and tortelloni, served with their traditional condiments, Ragù Alla Bolognese for the tagliatelle and a filling of ricotta and spinach for the tortelloni cooked in butter and sage. 

During the preparation, there will be a small break for a little aperitif. 

The course duration is 4 hours. 

The cooked dishes are then enjoyed, accompanied by wine from the Podere, and then followed by coffee and biscuits.

courses on request: for information ask directly to Agriturismo San Giuliano