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Resolve Escape Room

Viale Angelo Masini, 60 Bologna (BO)

Phone +39 328 8570188 / +39 3299129478

Date of last update: 18/09/2019, 12:52

The Escape Rooms are the newest trend attraction present in many countries around the world.
Now even Italy faces this scenary of proper adventure. 60 minutes shared with your best friends looking for enigmas, puzzles and combinations, in a dynamic quest for solving the ultimate riddle, the exit key of the room.
Time's on, will your mind win the challenge against time? The Resolute Escape Rooms are unique in their kind with carefully detailed scenographies built by professionals and constant surprises, the only ones that allow you to earn a prize for your skills.
There are two rooms available:

The secrets of Egipt
The myths of the pyramids have been standing still for years, waiting for those with a brilliant mind to discover their secrets.
You will meet them, you will search in their impenetrable temples with the eyes of Horus who will look your work.
A real invasion in the maze of time in search of the secret of the pharaoh.
It will not be a child's play, but the Gods will watch over you .... Choose the right ones and you will be a new Son of the Nile.

50 Shades of Grey
Mister Grey? ...... Are you ready for an adventure in a room that in its elegance hides its transgression? A taboo world to face, an invasion in the most private and intimate sanctuary of a successful businessman.
Move in the red room challenge the secrets of Christian and Anastasia looking through their personal objects the enigmas of a life in the name of mystery. Look carefully at the tools of their forbidden games and unconventional love.
Do you think you can do it? .... You will only be able to discover it, in this unique room in the world, and Seattle will be at your feet.

Monday - Friday 12am - 12pm   
Saturday -Sunday 10.30am - 12pm