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Tortellini in brodo

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Date of last update: 23/04/2018, 17:54

For the filling (of about 1,000 tortellini): 

  • 300 g of pork loin
  • 300 g of ham
  • 300 g of Mortadella bologna
  • 450 g of Parmigiano cheese
  • 3 eggs
  • scent of nutmeg

For the pastry (4 servings)

  • 400 of flour 00
  • 4 eggs, salt


  • Filling

Take great care in following the instructions precisely. Set the pork loin out for two days, covered in a minced mixture of salt, rosemary and garlic. Brown it with some butter, then remove it from the pan and remove the mixture. Finely chop loin, prosciutto, mortadella-bologna and knead in the parmesan cheese and eggs. Add nutmeg. The mixture must be mixed for a long time and must rest for at least twenty-four hours, before using it to fill the pasta. Of course the quality of the filling depends wholly on the quality of the primary ingredients.

  • Broth

Tortellini require excellent stock broth. Here’s how to make it: Put a free-range capon in a large pot. Then add beef parts that are commonly used in making stock: brisket, hanger, round, flank steak, beef shank.

  • Pasta Preparation

Knead the pasta dough, roll it on a towel and dry it. Then roll it out on a wooden board and cut it into squares.

  • How to form the individual tortellini

Small squares of pasta 4cm x 4cm.

  • Assembling the tortellini

Fold the small squares of pastry into a triangle. One classic tortellino should weigh about 5g. Boil briefly and serve tortellini in the capon broth.

Recipe taken from The Old Market  - A travel through tortellini, tagliatelle and much more...