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Sartoria Gastronomica

Piazza Aldrovandi, 21 - 40125 Bologna (BO)

Phone +39 051 656 9781

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The philosophy at the heart of the Sartoria Gastronomica lies in the pleasure of Italian dining, a rich tradition that brings together families and friends, and where the dishes tell the history of the many different regions and cities, transforming food into a source of culture.

Just like a tailor’s workshop, all the dishes are handcrafted in the Sartoria Gastronomica kitchen, guaranteeing a unique experience that exalts the qualities of the raw materials, with the aim of offering top quality service, celebrating the great Italian culinary traditions.

It is through this tradition that Sartoria Gastronomica re-interprets and adapts Italian cuisine, creating a new experience that celebrates the wonderful gastronomy that is made in Italy. This is an honest approach to food that shuns over-complex flavourings or gastronomic minimalism, and instead embraces the pleasure and culture of food.


All the food served at Sartoria Gastronomica is entirely prepared in the kitchen of the restaurant, using original recipes that respect the ingredients and celebrate their flavours. We select the choicest meats and the finest ingredients in an effort to constantly improve and renew our customers’ dining experience.

Every time you visit the Sartoria Gastronomica you can enjoy innovative pasta dishes inspired by the culinary tradition of Emilia Romagna, a large variety of select meat dishes using prized beef from Piedmont, as well as a wide range of prime hamburgers, served with delicious combinations of ingredients.

We cater for the dietary needs of all our customers, providing a full range of certified organic vegan dishes, all lactose, egg and gluten -free.

The desserts are the crowning glory of the Sartoria Gastronomica experience. Don’t miss out on one of our indulgent, refined treats. At Sartoria Gastronomica we bake all the bread ourselves, just like everything else we serve. Everything from the buns for the hamburgers to the breadbasket on your table is carefully kneaded with sourdough yeast to offer you a real home bake.

Bolognese (traditional), Italian regional
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From €20 to €30 From €30 to €40
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From Monday to Thursday:  12pm–1am
Friday and Saturday: 12pm–03am
Sunday:  12pm–4pm / 6pm–1am

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