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Date: 7/04/2020

Via Saragozza 234

Phone +390514399123

Reference maps: M-9

Date of last update: 02/12/2019, 10:40

The new show by Mummenschanz, You & Me, invites the spectator to escape from everyday life to take him/her on a 90-minute journey beyond the world that is known and beyond imagination. The show was designed by the artistic director Floriana Frassetto, co-founder of Mummenschanz.

The inventions in the show are often the result of chance, thanks to the continuous observation of reality and to the constant attention towards the materials surrounding us. Mummenschanz takes the objects of our daily life, animating them and discovering the poetic life behind them. "We are of the matter of which dreams are made", to describe it in Shakespeare's words. During his forty-five-year career, Mummenschanz has never stopped being the artisan of imagination.

  • Date: 7/04/2020