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Vocal and organistic music of Marian inspiration

Bach Collegium Småland

Date: 5/10/2018

Piazza di Porta Castiglione, 4

Phone +393472348246

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Date of last update: 03/10/2018, 10:05

The Bach Collegium Småland was established from the desire to perform the classical vocal repertoire of sacred music at the highest level. The Ensemble is composed of eight singers with the accompaniment of the harpsichord. They are all professional musicians, opera singers, teachers and church musicians. Kalle Engquist, organist, formed the Ensemble in 2011, and on October 5th Lars Hallgren directed him.

The repertoire mainly focuses on sacred music of the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, especially the Italian madrigals of Monteverdi, Luca Marenzio and Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi. Currently Engquist is organist of the Heliga Trefal.

The precious organ of the Church of Santa Maria della Misericordia, built in 1624-1625 by the organist Cristoforo Faletti of Cremona, enclosed in the splendid case carved by Mattia Cossich in 1626, is proposed as an instrument among the most suitable to bear witness of the splendid musical tradition that brightened the Liturgy in the past centuries.

  • Date: 5/10/2018

Vocal and organistic music of Marian inspiration