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Verdi Requiem

A master opera dedicated to Manzoni

Date: 29/11/2019

Via dei Bersaglieri 1

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After having presented with great success in the Basilica of San Petronio the Requiem for Rossini, strongly desired and partly composed by Giuseppe Verdi, the Cappella Musicale Arcivescovile dei Servi proposes to perform Verdi's famous Requiem in a sacred place, in order to recover and enhance the spiritual value of this composition.

In order to be able to perform the opera, which includes a large vocal and instrumental ensemble, the Cappella Musicale will avail itself of the collaboration of the Corale Quadriclavio and the Orchestra Città di Ferrara.

This project was born from the desire to recover the value of the "holiness" of Giuseppe Verdi's Requiem, by having it performed in the church, as it happened for its first performance, on May 22, 1874 in the Church of San Marco in Milan, conducted by the same author.

It is a work of great religious and artistic value written for the anniversary of the death of Alessandro Manzoni. Its immense fortune was above all theatrical, as the author was essentially the author of operas. There are many stylistic characteristics that recall the theatrical language and therefore its executive history is mostly linked to theaters and large concert halls. In this way, the sacred and intensely spiritual dimension of the work has been lost: to recover and strengthen it, it is therefore desirable to perform this composition again inside a church, a large basilica, as then.

  • Date: 29/11/2019

Entrance is subject to a fee.
Tickets can be purchased in the Basilica dei Servi on presale days or the evening of the concert. It’s possibile reserve a Seat by making a bank transfer.

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Verdi’s Requiem