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Tropico | Tellas

Tellas solo show

From: 25/11/2017 - To: 13/01/2018

MAGMA gallery

Via Santo Stefano, 164 - 40125 Bologna (BO)

Phone +39 380 7675718

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Date of last update: 21/02/2018, 15:18

A magic realism, where we find the atmosphere of the impenetrable mangroves of Daintree forest, the world's oldest tropical forest, the green eucalyptus, the magnificent red of the banksia, the palms rising up to the blue of the sky, and the sun that during the winter solstice culminates at zenith.
The large fields of color, something new for Tellas, contain minute naturalistic details and at the same time vibrant abstract shapes that seem to fluctuate in the light air, just before a sudden rain.
Each work becomes a surreal fragment of a luxuriant nature, almost asphyxiating, yet silent, mysterious, in which it is easy to switch from observer to being watched guests.

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  • From: 25/11/2017
  • To: 13/01/2018

Tropico | Tellas