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Beethoven's Symphony no.5 and Symphony no. 6

Date: 7/05/2020

Teatro Manzoni ( Via de' Monari 1/2)

Phone 0516493397

Date of last update: 27/02/2020, 11:27

December 22nd, 1808: Beethoven imposes on the Viennese audience a marathon-like concert featuring the première of his Fifth and Sixth Symphonies, Piano Concerto n.4, Choral Fantasy op.80, the scene and aria for soprano “Ah perfido!” op.65 and some movements from his Mass in C Major.
For the 250th birthday of the Genius from Bonn, Thomas Hengelbrock and his ensemble will present the two symphonic gems of that diverse programme in a historically informed version.

  • Date: 7/05/2020