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The dark breath of "Murmure": Carlot-ta's tour starts from Bologna

Date: 19/10/2018

Via Manzoni 5, Bologna

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Date of last update: 12/11/2018, 16:16

The tour of Carlot-ta, pianist and composer who, after a successful début in Turin, presents her new album  “Murmure” - a folk-pop collection built entirely around the sound of the pipe organ - will start on 19th October in Bologna (Oratorio San Filippo Neri, 8.30 pm).

The pipe organ is an imposing ancient instrument normally associated with religious repertoire within a church context but, under the expert guidance of Carlot-ta, the audience will be taken on a journey that explores infinite sound possibilities alternating intimate and melancholic moments with light-hearted irreverent or solemn and impetuous registers in a dramatic contemporary way.

The tour, which inevitably takes place in churches and auditoriums, features romantic ballads, valse musettes, macabre dances and synth-pop motifs. Her faithful companions,  Christopher Ghidoni (synth, voice and guitar) and Paolo Pasqualin will accompany here as well as the visuals curated by Matteo Bellizi and Natsumi Corona.

  • Date: 19/10/2018