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Terra Equa 2018 - Rivestiti!

The fairtrade Festival - Ethical fashion

From: 28/04/2018 - To: 29/04/2018

Palazzo Re Enzo

Piazza del Nettuno, 1/c - 40125 Bologna (BO)

Phone +39 051271020

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Date of last update: 28/03/2018, 15:50

Dress-again! Terra Equa is the fair trading Festival fully dedicated to ethical and organic fashion and accessories. Fair and local products for a new fashion of making economy.
At Palazzo Re Enzo, on Saturday, April 28 and Sunday, April 29, with 50 exhibitors, 27 labs, 5 fashion shows, 4 tastings, 3 music performances, 2 conferences, cinema, theatre, exhibitions, food.

The keywords of Terra Equa 2018 are:
- THE FASHION OF MAKING ANOTHER ECONOMY, combining products that promote equity and social justice with quality, originality and aesthetic.
- MADE IN DIGNITY, wearing cloths and accessories, whose row materials respect both the workers and the environment.
- FASHION REVOLUTION, making a revolution by changing cloth.
- CLEAN CLOTHES, if you are “clean inside” you will not dress cloths that could be “dirty” because of denial of rights, exploitation, pollution, spoilage.

Further information and updates www.terraequa.it

  • From: 28/04/2018
  • To: 29/04/2018

Saturday 10 am - 11pm
Sunday 10 am - 7 pm