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Tango Fatal


Date: 1/02/2020

Teatro Celebrazioni - via Saragozza 234

Phone +390514399123

Reference maps: M-9

Date of last update: 03/02/2020, 10:00

Originating from an artistic idea by Guillermo Berzins, an internationally renowned Argentine dancer and choreographer, Tango Fatal will revive the sensual and mysterious porteñe atmospheres  on stage in an abstract setting, that is suspended in time. The romantic and poignant notes of the most famous tangos will mix with spectacular contemporary choreographies and with the contagious energy of Argentine folklore.

Together with the talented Guillermo Berzins there will be Marijana Tanaskovic, a beautiful and sensual dancer with great technical and interpretative skills, as well as a ballet company of extraordinary dancers. The Corazón de Tango Orchestra, founded and formed by Oksana Peceny Dolenc, will be responsible of the live music played on stage during the performance.

  • Date: 1/02/2020