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Sunset of the winter solstice

Sunset solstice over Monte Mario

Date: 21/12/2019

stazione ferroviaria di Sasso Marconi

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Pleasant walk among the sandy outcrops of ancient Bolognese marine beaches on the day of the winter solstice. Accompanied by poems, steps, breaths and notes of Native American flutes, we will spend a day full of emotions with Eugenia and Marco guides and the musician Oreste. From Sasso Marconi we will climb to the summit of Monte Mario, where, in front of a lovely natural crib, we will exchange a small gift to wish each other peace and serenity in us and between us. All this illuminated by the sun which, from today onwards, will gradually become brighter, shining and high in the sky, reminding us that even from the darkest point it is possible to begin the ascent towards the light.
Ring route: Sasso Marconi - Mugnano di Sopra - Piazza - La Commenda - Monte Mario - Sella Monte Mario - La Quiete - Sasso Marconi.

  • Date: 21/12/2019

Meeting: 10:30 am at the parking near the railway station of Sasso Marconi (BO).
End: 4:30 pm at the same place.

For a fee: 12 € for adults, 6 € for under 14