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Date: 28/03/2019

Teatro Il Celebrazioni - via Saragozza 234

Phone +390514399123

Reference maps: m-9

Date of last update: 29/03/2019, 11:21

The inspiration for Sonics’ new performance is steampunk, an artistic tendency all about Victorian era fashion and a sprinkle of fascination for the steam power industrial revolution. Steam opened in Turin last year, collecting an audience of over 6.000 people.

The experimental acrobatic feats on new stage machinery, the result of artisanal talent and fantasy, are the backbone of a tale filled with twists and turns, following the adventures of 6 bizarre characters. The feats of every performer go together with their quest as actors to fully flesh out their characters, while the costumes are descriptive of their talent and personality. Steam is a spectacular and original show, not to be missed by all those who love to be astonished.

  • Date: 28/03/2019