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Songs of Living

Date: 15/08/2019

Via Gesso 21, 40020, Sassoleone fraz. di Casalfiumanese (BO)

Phone +393492826958

Date of last update: 16/08/2019, 09:15

Mid August on the hills, a slow time in which one can taste nature in the heart of the summer, in a receptive state, and vibrate in its beauty...

The two actors-singers with the sound of the viola, the dulsetta and the drum, become the vehicle, in a lyrical and theatrical dimension, that expresses and shares the singing in a specific place, investigating its acoustic, spacial and poetic characteristics, as an intimate and universal experience.

In the amphitheatre absorbed in the silence of nature, the audience will listen to traditional Italian, European and Asian singing, which evokes different places of belonging, chosen to create a dialogue amongst specific harmonies, melodies, rhythms, tones of the song and what resonates inside each culture, only apparently distant and foreign.

  • Date: 15/08/2019

From 12 AM (free pic-nic, colour corner for children, walks and library amongst the trees) and at 9:30 PM, in the amphitheatre under the stars, polyphonic and instrumental concert

Ticket: 12 euro (reservations required)

SONGS OF LIVING - Serenades, wailings and other songs of the soul - Polyphonic and instrumental concert with Camilla Dell'Agnola e Valentina Turrini (Othiasos TeatroNatura)