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Slow Gold

Date: 26/07/2019

Le Serre dei Giardini Margherita, via Castiglione 134

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Date of last update: 29/07/2019, 09:38

PlayTime is the Friday festival dedicated to improvisation, to discover play in music, with once-in-a-lifetime live sessions and artistic fusion. Musicians, illustrators and video artists will blend together in an altogether remarkable and unexpected way, to unleash their artistic freedom.

Guest-starring at this new event is Slow Gold, a group of musicians who have been working together for a long time in various formations, sharing both musical and non-musical experiences.

These shared experiences have kindled a desire to seek balance in music, a freshness and energy encapsulated in the synergy and chemistry between the 4 people in question: Stefano de Bonis (piano), Andrea Grillini (drums/percussion), Filippo Orefice (clarinet and sax) and Stefano Dallaporta (double bass).

  • Date: 26/07/2019