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Sergio Sorrentino - Do Androids Dream of Electric Guitars?

Date: 8/02/2018

Centro di Ricerca Musicale / Teatro San Leonardo, via San Vitale, 63 - Bologna

Date of last update: 11/07/2018, 16:49

The performances of this concert are the first public presentation of the content of the first book on the history of the use of electric guitar in avant-garde music, wrote by Sorrentino.

Sergio Sorrentino, guitarist and composer, is considered by critics as "one of the most important Italian guitarists dedicated to the New Music". He devoted himself to the diffusion of the contemporary repertoire for classical and electric guitar, commissioning new works, taking first absolute performances, writing essays and articles, recording and publishing CDs dedicated to the New Music. He has performed as soloist and soloist with orchestra all over the world in concert halls and for the most prestigious Festivals.
He has collaborated with important musicians such as Sylvano Bussotti, Bruno Canino, Alda Caiello, Steven Mackey, Azio Corghi, Piotr Borkowski, Carlo Boccadoro, Machinefabriek, John Russell, Marco Angius, I Solisti Aquilani. Great composers such as Alvin Curran, Mark Delpriora, Tom Armstrong and Andrew McKenna Lee wrote songs for him. He recorded, for Mode Records, RaiTrade, Radio Rai, Fratto9, Creative Sources, Silta Classics.

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  • Date: 8/02/2018

Doors open at 8 pm
Beginning of the show at 8.30 pm