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Saturday at the Academy: István Bátori

The Great Music at Accademia Filarmonica

Date: 6/04/2019

Accademia Filarmonica - Via Guerrazzi, 13

Phone +39 051222997

Date of last update: 08/04/2019, 10:01

Sala Rossini, 4.30 PM First Entrance - 5.30 PM Second Entrance

ISTVÁN BÁTORI organo Traeri

P. Degli Antoni, Sonate, e versetti per tutti li tuoni, [...] per l’Organo
A. Corelli, Sonata V
I. Cirri, Sonata V
G. B. Martini, Sonata II
W. A. Mozart, Marcia in do maggiore

"Saturday at the Academy", a cycle of ten afternoon concerts, from March to November, which sees the involvement of the Orchestra Mozart Solists again.

  • Date: 6/04/2019

4.30 pm First Performance
5.30 pm Second Performance

Bologna Welcome (Piazza Maggiore n.1 / E, Tuesday-Saturday, 1pm-7pm) and on www.vivaticket.it. On concert days tickets sold only at the Accademia Filarmonica half an hour before the start.