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Samedi Détente by Dorothée Munyaneza

Date: 3/03/2019

Teatri di Vita, via Emilia Ponente 485

Phone +390512910910

Reference maps: L-8

Date of last update: 04/03/2019, 10:25

Samedi Détente” is the title of a popular radio programme that singer and choreographer Dorothée Munyaneza listened to as a child in Rwanda, just before the genocide happened.

By mixing acoustic noises, storytelling and corporal presence, Munyaneza recall her story speaking through the eyes of those who have seen. In her work, Munyaneza wants to share the words of those who were there, chasing her own memories, which reclaim the right to be revealed.

This performance is part of the Atlas of Transitions Biennale HOME - a ten days festival promoted by ERT within the European project Atlas of Transitions (EU Creative Europe programme).

  • Date: 3/03/2019

5 pm -meeting with the artist after the show

Tickets 15 euros full-price, 13 euros (Teatri di Vita associate), 9 euros (under-30), 1 euro (with OneForYou card).
Special promo Atlas of Transitions festival:
7 euros (6+ people groups)