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Roghi delle Befane

The fires in the Bolognese countryside to burn the monumental witches of straw

From: 5/01/2019 - To: 6/01/2019

San Matteo della Decima (Bo)

Phone +39 051 6812057

Date of last update: 07/01/2019, 09:09

At nightfall the countryside is illuminated by the traditional "Roghi delle Befane": big straw puppets, about ten meters tall and depicting "La Vècia" (Old), burned in different parts of the town, chased by the public shouts "A brùsa la Vècia "(Burn the old one)!

Linked to the most authentic rural tradition, the event is realized by a group of private individuals, who make available the land and in some cases even a small refreshment based on mulled wine, wine, bread or crescente with salami, pork rinds and mortadella.

The program with several appointments in different places includes:

  • on Saturday 5th in Piazza delle poste 5 at 5:45pm, at the Magoni family in via Samoggia Vecchia 1 / F at 18, in via Pironi 4 at 7pm, in via Arginino at the sports field at 7pm, in via San Cristoforo 180 at 7:30pm; 
  • on Sunday 6th in via Calcina new at 6pm and in Bevilacqua at 7pm

  • From: 5/01/2019
  • To: 6/01/2019

Roghi delle Befane