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Realtà e Trasfigurazione

projection of electro-acoustic compositions

Date: 4/04/2018

Centro di Ricerca Musicale / Teatro San Leonardo, via San Vitale, 63 - Bologna

Date of last update: 12/07/2018, 09:30

From its origins after World War II, this compositional practice was characterized by the physical manipulation of recording media, such as cutting and pasting fragments of magnetic tape containing recorded sounds or distorting vinyls in order to alter the content or create loops. An important approach is to make music starting from the sounds of reality and then deform them, abstract them from their usual context and create imaginary and contrasting soundscapes. Thus a flow and a musical genre were created based on creation starting from the concrete sound in opposition to more usual "grammars" and abstract musical forms, in the absence of performers: the so-called "sound-based composition".

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  • Date: 4/04/2018

Doors open at 8.00 p.m.
Concert starts at 8.30 p.m.

full € 7
reduced € 5 for students of University of Bologna
reduced € 2 for students of Conservatory of Bologna