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Quartiers Libres by Nadia Beugré

Choreography and performance by Nadia Beugré

Date: 2/03/2019

DAMSLab (Piazzetta P. P. Pasolini, 5/b)

Phone +390512910910

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If we cross the boundaries of forbidden spaces, what happens to us? Who do we become? With Quartiers Libres (a French expression meaning "free territory”, "limitless space"), choreographer Nadia Beugré explores these questions in a raw and unbridled performance in which she confronts and resists oppression.

Within an immersive and interactive visual and aural design, Beugré battles the stifling confines of the stage.
In this world willing to bury her, Beugré's vain and passionate quest for freedom unfolds and her body and spirit are irrevocably changed by the struggle.

This performance is part of the Atlas of Transitions Biennale HOME - a ten days festival promoted by ERT within the European project Atlas of Transitions (EU Creative Europe programme).

  • Date: 2/03/2019

March 2nd 9.30 pm -meeting with the artist after the show
March 3rd 9.30 pm

Limited places available, booking suggested
Tickets 9 euros full-price, 7 euros for under-35