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Quartetto Guadagnini

Bologna Festival - Il Nuovo L'Antico

Date: 2/10/2019

Oratorio di San Filippo Neri, Bologna

Phone +39056493397

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Date of last update: 17/10/2019, 12:18

The young Quartetto Guadagnini, winner of the special section of “Premio Abbiati” dedicated to Piero Farulli, during the last few years has been looking with interest to 20th Century composers and to the most relevant voices of the most recent Italian post-avant-garde.

They play a special programme for “Apologia del Quartetto” Bologna Festival project: a “nocturnal” piece by one of 20th Century most important French composers is matched with a wide collection of Italian compositions: from a playful piece by Donatoni, to Vacchi’s incisive “defence” of the tradition, up to the explorations, inspired by Nono, of Gervasoni’s Clamour.

Henri Dutilleux - Ainsi la nuit

Fabio Vacchi - Quartetto per archi n.3

Stefano Gervasoni - Clamour terzo quartetto per archi

Franco Donatoni - La souris sans sourire

  • Date: 2/10/2019