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Photographic Trekking

Surrounded by the colors of Autumn

From: 28/09/2019 - To: 29/09/2019

Area Naturale Protetta del Monte Beni e Sasso di Castro

Phone +393791528959

Date of last update: 01/10/2019, 17:01

Do you like trekking and photography? The PhotographicTrek is the right occasion to leave, with walking boots and an objective in hand!
During the weekend of 28 and 29 September, the participants, accompanied by the guide and photographer, will be able to capture the Autumn and its incredible nuances between beech and unique landscapes in the Protected Natural Area of Monte Beni and Sasso di Castro.

In this workshop, thanks to the experience of the guide and lecturer, you will learn the basics and tricks for landscape and foliage photography, trying to improve the technique as much as possible. With the study of framing, focusing, composition and study of the environment we can create original and breathtaking landscape images by walking and interacting with the territory.

  • From: 28/09/2019
  • To: 29/09/2019