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Partirò per Bologna 2019

At Estragon the third edition of the festival dedicated to punk, rap and ska

Date: 19/10/2019

Via Stalingrado, 83 - Bologna

Phone +39051323490

Reference maps: H-11

Date of last update: 21/10/2019, 17:59

At the opening DJ set of the Japanese Satoru Fujii AKA Satol F.

Following the live performance of Brat, then Arpioni which is a musical collective composed of more than ten elements. Ramiccia come from Viterbo and start their career in 1984. Tonino Carotone, pseudonym of Antonio de la Cuesta is a Spanish singer well known in Italy, especially for the single "Me cago en el amor" in 1999. Il Muro del Canto is a folk band from the capital. The militant Hip-Hop of the Frontal Assaults. The Bluebeaters is a historical ska collective composed of seven elements. The Nabat, oi! skinhead band, were born in Bologna in 1979. Reincidentes is a Spanish punk and rock band founded in Seville in 1987. Grand finale for the paladins of combat ska punk oi!, or the historic Banda Bassotti.
During the performance there will be a solemn moment to remember Angelo "Sigaro" Conti, founding member of the band, who passed away last year.

  • Date: 19/10/2019