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OttoMani | Live in Serre

Date: 31/08/2019

via Castiglione 134

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The trio was formed from an idea of guitarist Tolga Douring, of Dutch-Turkish origin who has been living in Italy for many years. 

The repertoire is made up of original compositions combining the Jazz repertoire with traditional music from the Mediterranean area.

The arrangements are varied and the improvisations reflect a dialogue between various instruments. The sound of the quartet is based on a fine stringed instrument experiment: a double neck classic guitar - one with a fretted fingerboard and one fretless, reminiscent of an oud.

The music is hard to classify and aims at following a *new composing and improvising direction* aware of tradition yet contemporary.

Francesco Ganassin - bass clarinet
Tolga During - guitar, fretless guitar
Andrea Rugeri - percussions

  • Date: 31/08/2019