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Once upon a time....Walter Scott

Historical Itinerary with performance by 8cento dancers

Date: 6/06/2018

Collegio Venturoli - Via Centotrecento 4 - Bologna

Phone +39 3402719343

Date of last update: 04/06/2018, 11:50

"Once upon a time ... Walter Scott" is the first route of the 8cento for Be Here. It starts from Piazza del Nettuno with the bagpipe of Daniele Bianchini. Halfway through, we will meet Walter Scott, the historical character protagonist of the event, who will lead us to the Collegio Venturoli where we will see the show with dances and music from the Scottish tradition.

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  • Date: 6/06/2018

8,30pm Departure from Piazza del Nettuno
9,00pm Meeting Walter Scott at via Oberdan in the corner with Piazza San Martino
9,15pm Arrival at Collegio Venturoli
9,30pm Performance

Once upon a time....Walter Scott