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Marja Ahti

Date: 3/09/2019

via Castiglione 134

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Marja Ahti is a Swedish-Finnish artist working with field recordings and other acoustic sound materials combined with synthesizers and feedbacks to investigate the border where sounds start talking to each other.

She has created musical narratives of slow-paced textures and micro-tonal beats. Her music lingers somewhere between acoustic and documentary music, suspended between what is abstract and what is deeply familiar.

Marja Ahti has been part of the experimental Finnish music scene for over ten years and is currently part of the Ahti & Ahti duo and of the Himera ensemble. 
With her début LP, Vegetal Negatives, she explores a new formal language and a sound palette that strays from her first works.


#Ascoltiverticali is a series of meetings on the awareness of listening, organised by Associazione culturale MU and Gaspare Caliri: live music, performances, workshops and encounters.

  • Date: 3/09/2019