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From: 22/02/2019 - To: 23/02/2019

Via Alpe di Rocca Corneta, 40042 Lizzano in Belvedere (BO)

Phone +39 3494653877

Date of last update: 03/04/2019, 09:58

snowshoe walk by the light of the full moon is set to take place on the evenings of Friday 22 and Saturday 23 February: an experience you’ll never forget in the snow-capped winter wonderland of theApennines.

A circular walk will lead all mountain lovers onto the peaks of Corno alle Scale as far as the Scaffaiolo Lake refuge, where you will take a break halfway through the hike to enjoy a delicious dinner. At the end, an easy descent will take you back to where you started, bringing your magical, special night on the white high-altitude plains to a close. 

To find out more, go to: www.coopmadreselva.it