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Luca Zanoni - PELLE / Schegge di Mali

Luca Zanoni - Skin / Shards of Mali

From: 8/06/2018 - To: 20/07/2018

Odeon Gallery

Via Mascarella, 3 - 40126 Bologna (BO)

Phone +39 051 227916

Reference maps: C-5

Date of last update: 11/05/2018, 10:29

Sand, scorching, rural scenarios, small details, impressions, whispers lost in the wind that turn into song; the music that comes from the earth rises to the sky carried by the wind and the dust.

A multifaceted and very intimate journey, that one of Luca Zanoni, which leads directly to the encounter with his emotions and his own ability to get excited, allowing himself to cross and transform from the sweet and at the same time strong notes of the Malian scenario.

  • From: 8/06/2018
  • To: 20/07/2018

always open during the opening hours of the cinema (approx. 3pm/11,30pm)
Opening: Friday, June 8th h 7:00 pm

Luca Zanoni - PELLE / Schegge di Mali