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Joie de vivre

VIE Festival / Arena del Sole

Date: 6/03/2019

Via Indipendenza 44, Bologna

Phone +390512910910

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Date of last update: 08/03/2019, 10:51

concept and choreography Simona Bertozzi
Length 1h

Simona Bertozzi carries on a research in movement, composition and choreography, merging the impact of a strong physicality with theoretical references from visual arts, anthropology and philosophy. In an historical moment in which we raise new walls and re-design borders, in which the geopolitics proposes again old authority zones, the matter on belonging to a specific territory continues to break apart imaginaries and ideologies (modern and post-modern ones), underlining the fragility and the uncertainty in which we live an instable (hostile?) contemporaneity, signed by unsuitable contents. The general perception is that we need to reset postures to welcome the unexpected, the unavoidable and the swirling change of reality.

  • Date: 6/03/2019