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Live the History alive

From: 19/10/2019 - To: 27/10/2019

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Conferences, round tables, shows, workshops, concerts, guided tours and exhibitions will enliven squares, streets, cloisters, palaces and churches of Bologna and its territory.

HISTORY IS ALIVE because it has generated and shaped the current situations and events that are the transitory effects of a very long series of changes that have taken place over the millennia, leaving traces and legacies still largely perceptible in today's contexts. Finding and observing their repercussions in the present allows not only to understand their historical depth, but also to draw from their knowledge greater opportunities for choosing for the present and for the future.

HISTORY IS ALIVE because there is no corner of our body and our mind that is not the result of the bequests of thousands of people who preceded us and therefore because we are at the same time outcomes and subjects of history; a story of which one must feel a participant and an architect.

HISTORY IS ALIVE because awareness of the inheritance that has left us leads to respect and responsibility towards the environmental and historical-artistic heritage.

  • From: 19/10/2019
  • To: 27/10/2019

From 9.00 to 19.30 (for events: conferences, conventions, conferences, workshops)
From 8.30pm to 11.30pm (for events: music and other artistic performances)

Promoted and organized by the International Center for Didactics of History and Heritage (DIPAST), University of Bologna.
All events, unless expressly indicated, are free.