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Indro Borreani, violin - Ginevra Costantini Negri, piano


Date: 17/04/2019

Oratorio di San Filippo Neri - Via Manzoni 5

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They are two enfant prodiges: Indro graduated when he was only sixteen years old, and is studying now with Uto Ughi and Dejan Bogdanovich; Ginevra, who studied with Daniela Ghigino and then with Rolf Plagge, performed in New York at Carnegie Hall when she was ten. As regards Rossini, she holds a primacy: she is the youngest pianist who ever played Péchés de vieillesse; after recording them on CD, she will perform a couple of them in this concert.

After Beethoven's suavely cantabile “Spring Sonata”, Borreani will dive into the furious virtuosity of Paganini's Caprices for violin, to go back to the chamber dimension with the Variations on themes from Rossini's Mosè in Egitto.

  • Date: 17/04/2019