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Il negro del Narciso by Cantieri Meticci

From: 9/03/2019 - To: 10/03/2019

Teatro San Martino, piazza San Martino Bologna

Phone +390512910910

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The Niger of Narcissus is the story of a ship upset by the entry on board of Antillean James Wait. The contemporary rewriting by Cantieri Meticci gives life to a work halfway between performance and installation, in which the
migrant, the African, the black foreigner - labeled as the originanl and eternal enemy - is seen both as a real and a spectral figure. The audience, free to move in a labyrinth-like space can interact with the performers during their stories and actions.

This performance is part of the Atlas of Transitions Biennale HOME - a ten days festival promoted by ERT within the European project Atlas of Transitions (EU Creative Europe programme).

  • From: 9/03/2019
  • To: 10/03/2019

Tickets 9 euros full-price, 7 euros under-35
Booking is suggested