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Il canto della caduta – freely inspired by the Fanes’ saga

Arena del Sole –2018/2019 season

Date: 12/03/2019

Via Indipendenza 44, Bologna

Phone +390512910910

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Date of last update: 07/12/2018, 09:18

by and with Marta Cuscunà

The legend of Fanes is issued by the tradition of the Ladin communities, a minority of 35.000 people living in the central Dolomites valleys. It is an epic cycle describing the end of the peaceful women realm and the beginning of the new era of domain and fight. It is the black song of the fall into the horror of war. The protagonist, Dolasilla, is the princess of Fanes and is forced by her father (called “the false king”) to become a Tjeduya, which means a warrior. Otherwise said, she has to become the gunpoint of power.
To stage this fall means to picture war, while at the same time trying to overcome the impossibility of describing the horror it consists of.
The set includes 10 analogical robots designed and created by set designer Paola Villani. The show is the result of both the visual theatre and the puppetry traditions as well as an attempt to change the common idea about such fields of activity by using new industry applied technology.

  • Date: 12/03/2019