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Het land Nod

Vie Festival 2020

From: 28/02/2020 - To: 1/03/2020

Bologna Fiera, Padiglione 36 - via della Fiera 20

Phone +390512910910

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by and with Bart Hollanders, Joé Agemans, Marie Vinck, Stef Aerts, Matteo Simoni, Thomas Verstraeten and Geert Goossens (extra)
light design FC Bergman, Ken Hioco
sound design Diederik De Cock, FC Bergman

FC Bergman drew inspiration from the majestic Rubens’ Gallery at the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp to tell a gripping story about this museum gallery, its works, and above all the people who seek solace and shelter in the museum. Following a series of performances in Belgium and the Netherlands, Het land Nod has been invited to the Festival d’Avignon (FR), the Zürcher Theater Spektakel (CH), Paris (FR), Sevilla (ES) and Quimper (FR).

  • From: 28/02/2020
  • To: 1/03/2020

28/02/2020, h 9 pm
29/02/2020, h 7 pm
01/03/2020, h 4 pm