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Festival Danza Urbana 2018

From: 4/09/2018 - To: 9/09/2018

Bologna e Monterenzio

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Date of last update: 01/09/2018, 11:34

The twenty second edition of Festival Danza Urbana will bring to Bologna and Monterenzio dancer and artists, through the national and international networks Masdanza and Network Anticorpi XL.

Moreover, through the Focus Young Mediterranean and Middle-East Choreographers network, conceived for the promotion and the visibility of young choreographers coming from Sud Mediterranean and middle east countries, the festival will host the creation of the Iranian Sina Saberi, the Sirian Mithkal Alzghair, the Tunisian Seifeddine Manai and the Moroccan Raduaan Mriziga.

  • From: 4/09/2018
  • To: 9/09/2018

Festival Danza Urbana 2018