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Festa del Bio 2019

Vivi il buono del biologico

Date: 7/09/2019

Palazzo Re Enzo - Piazza del Nettuno, 1

Phone +390514210272

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Date of last update: 11/09/2019, 12:52

Festa del Bio returns to Bologna, as part of Sana City, on 7 September 2019 at Palazzo Re Enzo.

Festa del Bio is the event that enhances the taste of the organic. A party where the best of the BIO create debates, show cooking and discussions with industry experts.

Also on this occasion, knowledge and taste will come together in a unique event, to be lived with the whole family and friends. An opportunity to learn the excellence of BIO Made in Italy, learn and discover all the secrets of our chefs during the show cooking, taste the recipes designed to give even more taste to BIO products and meet industry experts.

  • Date: 7/09/2019

Food, ideas, fun: all this is Festa del Bio!
Come to know an extraordinary place, where all the good of the organic is shown, in a vortex of aromas and flavors.

Festa del Bio 2019