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Date: 21/03/2018

Teatri di Vita

Parco dei Pini Via Emilia Ponente, 485 - 40132 Bologna (BO)

Phone +39 051 566330 - 333 4666333

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The project leads to the realization of a professional theatrical path with disabled people. Enrico Casale is the leader of Accanto group, theater workshop for integration between able-bodied and disabled people, followed since 2008. He structures Faustbuch right around the relationship with Andrea and Michael, actors with disabilities.

The show received a special mention at the recent Scenario Award, with this motivation: "Enrico Casale presents a theme of burning contemporary, such as the obsession of success, using Marlowe's Faust canvas. And he does so by giving voice to actors with disabilities, but aware of the project that unites them, making sure that their stage improvisations become dramaturgical fabric. The show thus experiences surreal dialogues and linguistic inventions that are well suited to the "diabolical" dimension of the protagonist ".

21 March 2018

directing and dramaturgy Enrico Casale
on stage Enrico Casale, Andrea Burgalassi, Michael Decillis, Ivano Cellaro
production of Gli Scarti

more information and updates www.teatridivita.it

  • Date: 21/03/2018

Full ticket - € 15
reduced ticket (agreements *, + 65) - € 13
under 30 (young people under 30) - € 9
subscription to Theater 2018 - € 89
5 entrances booklet (January-April 2018) € 65