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Erica Fuschini / ANIMA, ANIMUS

From: 19/01/2018 - To: 2/03/2018

Odeon Gallery

Via Mascarella, 3 - 40126 Bologna (BO)

Phone 051 227916

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Finding the Soul through faces.
The artist is crossed by a vision so powerful that she sees through the spaces, in the void,
where nothing can actually be seen.
She sees between the wrinkles, behind the looks.
Her gaze scarifies the matter by dissolving it.
But this does not make it thin, ethereal or distant:
after having destroyed it, she reassembles it, renewed,
with strong colors and material strokes of an almost painful intensity.
Looking at her paintings we find ourselves seen and crossed,
nailed by the painting that looks at us ...
and suddenly we are on show.
It become an exposure of ourselves.
We are inexorably driven
in search of that Soul
that we didn’t know we wanted to find.

  • From: 19/01/2018
  • To: 2/03/2018

always open during the opening hours of the cinema (3pm/11,30pm approx.)
Opening and concert: Fri. January 19 h 7:00 pm
Art City White Night: Sat. February 3 h 8 pm-12:00 am
Dinner-Symposium: Fri. February 16 h. 8:15 pm

Erica Fuschini / ANIMA, ANIMUS