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Enrico Barberi e la fontana Nettuno

Barberi's drawings in the art and History collections of the Carisbo foundation

From: 16/03/2018 - To: 10/06/2018

Biblioteca d’Arte e di Storia di San Giorgio in Poggiale

Via Nazario Sauro, 20/2 – 40121 Bologna (BO)

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The CARISBO Foundation's art collections preserve a considerable series of drawings by the Bolognese sculptor Enrico Barberi (1850-1941), who was good friend of Luigi Serra.
The collection consists of approx. 700 drawings, most of them sketches and sheets of notebook and almost all unpublished, which trace the artistic and human story of Barberi. He was a first-rate artist in the Bologna of the time (he sculpted many graves in the monumental cemetery of Certosa and many other monuments both in the city, and in the surrounding towns). However, a detailed monographic study about this artist is still lacking.

Among these drawings, a part concerns the Fountain of the Neptune. Barberi had the opportunity to work at its restoration for about twenty years. The exhibition features 133 sketches, ranging between 1895 and 1918, which represent the most coherent and interesting group of the Barberi's collection and which are a dossier of narrow actuality, the restoration works that brought the fountain to its native shine having recently ended.
The exhibition gives the opportunity, not only to celebrate one of the symbols of Bologna, but also to reconstruct the articulated story of Barberi's works and to acclaim a not well-known figure.

On show a series of documents and unpublished manuscripts too, donated to S. Giorgio in Poggiale by one of Barberi's nephews. In these documents the artist closely analysed various conservative, structural and static aspects relating with the precious bronze. Besides, images, posters, postcards and photos, coming from others archives of the S. Giorgio in Poggiale library are also on show.

The exhibition is accompanied by the ”Quaderno di San Giorgio in Poggiale n. 3”, which follows the ones related to the 1888 Expo and the figure of Sante Mingazzi, edit from BUP.

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  • From: 16/03/2018
  • To: 10/06/2018

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Enrico Barberi and the Neptune's fountain